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Conventional PAP smears


Liquid based thin-layer cervical cytology PAP


Liquid based thin-layer cytology nongyn: thyroid, urinary bladder, kidney and serous cavities


Human papillomavirus test (PCR): genotyping of 14 high-risk types



Fine needle aspirate, evaluation


Evaluation of biopsy and surgical pathology single object (level IV):

Abortion - spontaneous/missed. Artery, biopsy. Brachiogenic cyst. Bronchus, biopsy. Gingiva/oral mucosa, biopsy. Extremity, amputation, traumatic. Brain/meninges, other than for tumor resection. Larynx, biopsy. Uterus mucosa, biopsy/curettage. Uterus neck canal, biopsy/curettage. Uterus neck, biopsy. Pituitary tumor. Bone, exostosis. Bone marrow, biopsy. Ovary, biopsy/wedge resection. Fallopian tube, biopsy. Fallopian tube, ectopic pregnancy. Breast, reduction mammoplasty. Cell block, any source. Leiomyoma(s), uterine myomectomy - w/o uterus. Tongue, biopsy. Lip, biopsy/wedge resection. Vagina, biopsy. Soft tissue, other than tumor/mass/lipoma/debridement. Synovium, biopsy. Stomach, biopsy. Spleen, biopsy. Spleen, resection. Nerve, biopsy. Nosal mucosa, biopsy. Odontogenic/dental cyst. Peritoneum/retroperitoneum, biopsy. Fingers/toes, amputation, non-traumatic. Placenta. Lung, transbronchial biopsy. Pleura/pericardium - biopsy/tissue. Polyp, cervical/endometrical. Polyp, colorectal. Polyp, stomach/small bowel. Sinus, paranasal, biopsy. Parathyroid gland. Prostate, needle biopsy. Prostate, TUR. Muscle, biopsy. Nasopharynx/oropharynx,biopsy. Joint, resection. Salivary gland, biopsy. Testis, other than tumor/biopsy/castratiom. Thyroglossal duct/branchial cleft cyst. Esophagus, biopsy. Heart valve. Femoral head – fracture. Urethra, biopsy. Tonsil, biopsy. Trachea, biopsy. Vulva/labia, biopsy. Small intestine, biopsy. Unlisted surgical specimen. Urinary bladder, biopsy. Other similar biopsy or surgical pathology object, level IV.


Evaluation of biopsy and surgical pathology single object (level V):

Breast, biopsy. Eye, enucleation. Adrenal, resection. Thymus, for tumor. Brain, biopsy. Brain/meninges, tumor resection. Larynx, partial/total resection. Uterus, w/wo tubes & ovaries, other than for tumor. Uterus neck, conization. Kidney, biopsy. Kidney, partial/total nephrectomy. Pancreas, biopsy. Bone, biopsy/curettage. Bone fragment(s), pathologic facture. Liver, biopsy - needle/wedge. Liver, partial resection. Ovary w/wo tube, non-neoplastic. Breast, matsectomy - partial/simple. Lymph nodes, regional resection. Lymph node, biopsy. Soft tissue mass (except lipoma) - biopsy/simple excision. Myocardium, biopsy. Skin, biopsy. Odontogenic tumor. Lung, wedge biopsy. Prostate, except radical resection. Salivary gland, other than mucosele. Testis, biopsy. Stomach, subtotal/total resection, other than for tumor. Thyroid, total/lobe. Urinary bladder, TUR. Ureter, resection. Mediastinum, mass. Small intestine, resection, other than tumor. Unlisted surgical specimen. Skin, for nevus or tumor. Gallbladder, tumor. Other similar biopsy or surgical pathology object, level V.


Evaluation of biopsy and surgical pathology single object (level VI):

Extremity, amputation, non-traumatic. Larynx, partial/total resection - w/regional lymph nodes. Uterus, w/wo tubes & ovaries, for tumor. Vulva/penis - total/subtotal resection, tumor. Pancreas - total/subtotal resection. Bone, resection. Ovary w/wo tube, neoplastic. Breast, masectomy - with regional lymph nodes. Tongue/tonsil - resection for tumor. Soft tissue tumor, extensive resection. Lung - total/lobe/segment resection. Prostate, radical resection. Testis, tumor. Stomach, subtotal/total resection, tumor. Esophagus, partial/total resection. Urinary bladder, partial/total resection. Fetus, w/dissection. Small intestine, resection for tumor. Unlisted surgical specimen. Other similar biopsy or surgical pathology object, level VI


Tissue decalcification procedure


Special stain for microorganisms (each method)


Special stain, all other, (each method)


Histochemistry to identify chemical components (eg, copper, iron, zinc), each method


Histochemistry to identify enzyme constituents, each


Consultation and report on referred slides prepared elsewhere


Consultation and report on referred material requiring preparation of slides


Consultation with extensive clinical and pathological data analysis


Immunohistochemistry, each antibody


Immunohistochemistry study ALK


Immunohistochemistry study PD-L1


Immunofluorescent study, each antibody, direct method


Electron microscopy, diagnostic


In situ hybridization FISH test ALK: t(2;5) (ALCL, NSLC)


In situ hybridization FISH tests, each probe:

IGH/MAF: t(14;16)(q32;q23) (MM)
IGH/MYC: t(8;14)(q24;q32) (Burkitt lymphoma)
EWSR1: t(11;22) (q24;q12) (EWS and PNET)
BCL2: t(18q21) (FL)
BCL6:  t3q27 (DLBL) 
Cyclin D1 (11q13) (MCL and MM)
HER-2/neu 17q11.12-q12 gene amplification (BrCa, GINC Ca)
EGFR (7p12) gene amplification (lung cancer)
C-MYC (8q24) gene amplification (Burkitt lymphoma)
N-MYC (2p24) gene amplification (neuroblastoma) 
PTEN (10q23) del (solid tumors) 
JAZF1 (7p15.1-p15.2)
YWHAE (17p13.3) 


RAS mutation analysis (detecting mutations in codons 12, 13, 59, 61, 117, 149), Real Time PCR


EGFR mutation analysis (41 mutations in Exons 18, 19, 20 and 21), Real Time PCR


BRAF V600 gene mutation testing by real-time PCR (RT-PCR) method


Next Generation Sequencing (detecting mutations in 22 genes: EGFR, ALK, ERBB2, ERBB4, FGFR1, FGFR2, FGFR3, MET, DDR2, KRAS, PIK3CA, BRAF, AKT1, PTEN, NRAS, MAP2K1, STK11, NOTCH1, CTNNB1, SMAD4, FBXW7, TP53), from one sample